How Many Different Types of Coffee Do You Know About?

Different Types of Coffees
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Imagine a life without coffee. What? Are you crazy? The start of your day would be just as grumpy as the end of it. People will probably bite each other’s head off due to lack of a stimulant to begin their day.

In this day and age, coffee is a source of survival for many.

And perhaps this is the reason why a coffee maker along with the different varieties of coffees has become such a huge commodity and export item.

You must already know that it is a brew that is concocted in several different ways, both hot and cold. But did you also know that there are more than 40 types of coffee drinks available?

Yes, as amazing as it sounds normal looking coffee beans can create some of the most exotic drinks that you can imagine, all with the help of some ingredients and your favorite brewer!

Here are some of the most famous coffee beverages used around the globe. How many of them do you know about?

The Many Types of Coffees:


This slow brewed drink is the most basic that was first created, after the discovery of coffee beans. It is also the base drink with which many other forms of coffee are formed.

Not only is it very simple, it also requires only water and coffee beans or ground coffee, whichever you prefer.

Basic coffee can easily be made in any drip coffee maker.


Espresso is the second base drink that is mostly consumed by approximately all the adults of the world. It is plain black coffee where hot water is made to pass over compacted coffee powder in an espresso machine.

The espresso machine came from Italy and was an instant hit in all other parts of the world.

Since it is also a base drink, many new brews are created from it, but most people prefer taking it in its black and potent form, especially first thing in the morning.

Why is coffee bitter?


The latte is one of the most famous drinks consumed by adults and some youngsters around the world.

It is the preferred choice of many Westerners and has been the inspiration behind many other types.

This is another drink that was thought of and created by an Italian American. The guy got the idea of and created the drink in California.

However, it was Starbucks who made this drink famous, as it has done for so many other types of coffee.


Very much like Latte, cappuccino uses foamed milk along with steamed milk creating a sort of froth loved by so many around the world.

Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

This is what makes it so popular not only among adults but youngsters as well. Some even prefer using cream as opposed to milk, as the cream makes its sweeter.


Espresso machines were what made this drink a popular choice among many people.

There is a slight difference in the recipe, but the basic ingredients and way of making the drink is the same.


Did you know that mocha is not simply a flavor add on but an actual drink created very differently?

It involves the use of chocolate along with coffee. Hence the reason why it is a favorite of all chocolate lovers.

And I’ll admit, I’m one of those chocolate lovers who absolutely adores a cup of mocha!

Coffee and chocolate together? Hmm perfection.

Caf au Lait

A French drink for a change, this coffee is similar to coffee latte.

Weaker but more sugary, this drink is also very popular among youngsters who have a particular sweet tooth.


Well, there you have it; the most popular types from around the world. So, if you ever get bored of the same old drink every day, try the above flavor types and start mixing it up!

You could also try adding some unique ingredients to your coffee such as cinnamon, honey or even ice cream!

If you’re brewing your own at home, remember that freshly ground beans tastes the absolute best.

Thus, avoid buying ground coffee and instead buy fresh beans and grind it yourself at home. You won’t be disappointed.

Having a wake up brew is always something to look forward to, in fact it’s the prefect drink at any time of the day.

And yes, decaf is always an option as well, although you won’t get that energizing kick that it is famous for.

But what about summer you ask? Not to worry, you could always have a cold brew by adding ice cream or creating your own cold coffee.

So go ahead and get creative! But remember, always clean your brewer thoroughly after each use to ensure it stays in great working condition.

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