Most Common Coffee Makers – Choosing The Best of the Best

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If you are a coffee lover, you certainly know how addictive it is to get you started afresh in the mornings.

You just cannot get your day started without having a deep flavored hot cup of coffee. And since you love coffee so much—you surely realize the importance of coffee makers!

Having your own brewer means that you can have fresh ground coffee every morning. And as every coffee lover knows, fresh is always best.

Choosing the right type of coffee machine can be a daunting task, given that there is so much to look beyond color, size and price!

The struggle to find the right coffee machine can be a source of some serious consideration.

This is mainly because of the unlimited amount of choice we have today, in terms of brands, features, types, speed, and other essential factors.

In simple words—making a perfect cup of coffee is just a simple matter of pushing some buttons. Here are some of the most coffee makers you should know about:

The Drip Coffee Makers

These are one of the most common types of coffee makers that you can find in just about any other home in your neighborhoods.

This is mainly because of the ease and convenience it offers in making you a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Drip coffee makers are usually equipped with: A clock with programmable timer, Simple push buttons to pause, on and off, a strength adjuster, an option to grind coffee beans and a fixed coffee filter!

Buying fresh coffee beans to grind yourself is much better than buying ground coffee.

You see, fresh ground coffee tastes much better than ground coffee. Of course, you will need to find a store that sells fresh coffee beans.

Do some research and perhaps ask local coffee shops where they purchase their coffee beans.

These Top Sellers are great options for you to review:

Espresso Coffee Machines

For coffee lovers who prefer dark, bold and strong coffee—Espresso coffee machines are the best.

These were first introduced in Italy in the 1800’s and was soon adopted to be one of the most popular and common type of coffee brewer.

Espresso machines are perfect to make for both dark and light roasts. Today, many new models allow for advanced programmable features and functions to ease out the process.

The best thing about having your own machine? You won’t have to face all those cheery morning people before you’ve had your favourite brew.

French Press Coffee Makers

These are one of the oldest forms of coffee makers. If facts are to be true, these were first designed in 1850’s and have relatively remained untouched (in terms of design) despite of advancements in the field of technology and functions.

For coffee fanatics— the old conventional form of French presses is what attracts it to be the most preferred. Additionally, these are also one of the most reasonable coffee makers to date.