Ingredients You Should Add To Coffee

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To make a wonderful cup of coffee for yourself or one of your colleagues, here are some unique ingredients you should add to coffee.

We invite you to try these suggestions which will make your coffee drinking experience even better. Enjoy your coffee by…

Adding a Piece of Chocolate



Indeed the chocolate would give the coffee a strong flavor and the chocolate wouldn’t completely melt after all the whole coffee was gone. We tried this and completely loved it. Mochas are all preferred coffee drinks, so adding up a piece of silken milk chocolate to your coffee will make your morning so much better. The portion of chocolate will leisurely melt into the coffee producing the wonderful flavors of sugar and cocoa, and once you end your cup, you can drink the remaining amount of the chocolate-like syrup. We highly recommend this tip because this simple addition to your coffee will make you a million times better-off all through the day.

Ice Cream


Taking about ice cream , so this is almost certainly not the healthiest thing to put in to your coffee, but you can treat yourself to a sweet over-the-top cup of coffee once in a while. Make an adding up a tablespoon or two of your preferred ice cream to your hot cup of coffee. The cold ice cream will melt into your hot coffee adding sweetness and creaminess. If you take pleasure in a mocha flavor, add your one of the favorite chocolate ice cream, vanilla, or try adding an espresso flavored ice cream to balance the coffee.

Cinnamon and nutmeg


Shake over some cinnamon and nutmeg on your coffee beans before you are going to roast them to create a magnificent coffee that’ll ring a bell and remind you of the holidays. The spices will absorb into the coffee beans, allowing you to create a flavored coffee with your favorite coffee beans. No need to buy expensive products from the market or pre-flavored blend in the store.

Vanilla Extract


This ingredient is not just for baking stuff. Give your coffee a physically powerful vanilla taste with 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract per cup of coffee. You’ll like the aroma around the room and the perfect vanilla flavor. If you desire to make your coffee beans taste like vanilla, try scraping a vanilla pod into your coffee beans and let it sit during the night. When you bake them in the morning, you’ll have a delicious vanilla-flavored coffee.

Different Types of Milk20121209-coffee-milk


I have been on the almond milk kick since the summer; almond milk provide my cereal such a superb, nutty taste. Try blending a splash of vanilla-flavored or original almond milk for a nutty flavor in your coffee. If you like a sweeter taste, try adding some coconut milk. It’ll be a pleasant transform from regular milk.

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