Types of Coffee – Your Guide to Different Delicious Coffees

Types of Coffee
Coffee Lovers Guide

Although there are many coffee aficionados in the world, most people don’t know about the different types of coffee.

As a matter of fact, most people only know two or three types of coffee such as the common Espresso, Americano or Cappuccino.

This article is about the many types of coffee in your guide to different delicious coffees.

With each of these coffee types there are many methods used to prepare them and different coffee beans used in brewing so you can experience a different delicious taste in each one of them.

This article explains the many different ways you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

What’s in your favorite cup?

Before brewing your best cup, coffee enthusiasts should ensure that they check the ratio between the water and coffee used.

The water should not have too many minerals or an odor as it can tamper with your final results.

This issue has, however, been solved by different manufacturers who have come up with great models of coffeemakers which are capable of automatically mixing water and coffee in precise ratios.

These machines also come with various filters which use different methods to filter out contaminants and odors from your water to brew great coffee.

With this in mind, let’s go through different types of coffee available on the market today.

Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee is a short, strong drink made from finely-ground coffee heated under very high pressure. 25ml of this drink should be extracted in about 20-30 seconds, characterized by a dark, golden crema.

A good Espresso cup of coffee should also maintain a teaspoon of sugar for about 3-4 seconds before falling through.

For those of you with coffeemakers in your homes, you should be prepared to pull on a lot of effort if you wish to enjoy a delicious cup of good-tasting Espresso.

Macchiato Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts who may find Espresso a bit intense, strong or concentrated may opt to go for the Macchiato coffee.

This type of coffee is simply an Espresso marked or stained with milk to soften the flavor.

With just a 90ml glass, pour your Espresso shot then add some milk to soften the edge of your coffee to enjoy a delicious Macchiato.

Now you can enjoy this type of coffee in single serve coffee makers.

Cappuccino Coffee

Linked with the Cappuchin monks who apparently drank this delicious coffee during their prayer vigils, the Cappuccino is simply an Espresso topped up with textured milk with a volume of around 2cm.

The steamed milk is then dusted with chocolate powder to achieve a marbled effect and give it a delicious taste.

Caffe Latte Coffee

Also known as milk coffee, the Caffe latte coffee is simply made of espresso added to steamed milk.

The name is derived from Italian words “Caffe” meaning coffee and “latte” meaning milk.

When served correctly, the Caffe latte should feature a form at the top of around 1cm.

Note that the difference between the Caffe latte and the Cappuccino is that the Cappuccino contains lightly-dusted chocolate while the Caffe latte is only made from pure milk.

How to filter your coffee

There are also different methods which coffee aficionados use to filter and make their coffee. Among these methods include:

This method involves pouring hot water from a kettle through a filter full of freshly-ground coffee.

A special kettle with a skinny spout is used for this process to ensure that you pour your water carefully into the filter and through to a small jug at the bottom. The pour over coffee maker is simple to use and makes a great cup of coffee.

French Press Coffee Maker

This method usually works well if done in a cafetiere. The coffee and the water are steeped together and left for around 4 minutes during which the coffee beans will float to the top.

Stir the concoction at the top to make the coffee beans sink to the bottom.

When you notice some foam and grounds floating at the top, spoon off the coffee beans then wait for another 4 minutes, after which you’ll slowly pour your coffee into cups ready to drink.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Just like a cafetiere, the aeropress coffee maker works in a similar way but combines two different brewing processes to make a strong coffee similar to an Espresso.

The coffee and water should steep together and then a piston is used to violently mix the two together before being passed through a filter paper.

This process is ideal for making small cups of strong coffee which taste quite similar to an Espresso. Some of the best drip coffee makers out there are Aeropress machines.

Coffee Beans

When it comes to purchasing the best coffee beans, there are some important things to keep in mind.

You must first ensure that you check the roasting date, the country of origin and possibly the farmer or the ground where the coffee was grown.

With such in-depth information, you will be able to know when your coffee is likely to expire as well as the best methods used to brew your coffee depending on the country of origin.

Read more about great coffee brewers and other ways to enjoy your coffee.

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