How to Host the Perfect Coffee Party! – Steps to Make it Successful

How to Host the Perfect Coffee Party
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A coffee party is the new tea party.

Coffee has taken front and center stage on almost everyone’s radar. In fact, coffee shops have sprung up on every corner across America. Because coffee is so beloved, it may be time for your very own coffee party.

The following article will help you create the perfect coffee party. Continue reading to learn everything for your list that goes into a perfect and fun coffee party.

The Guest List

The first thing you should do when planning a party is to come up with a guest list. Inviting a host of your friends over for a party sounds fun; however, the best parties are intimate and only have a few guests. When planning your guest list, think of people who get along well and have interesting stories to exchange. You do not want anyone to feel left out; therefore, take your time and plan your list appropriately.

The Invitations

A great way to invite your guests is with invitations. An elegant invitation with the phrase, “Time for a Coffee Party!” is a great way to announce this special occasion. If you will be hosting a casual coffee party, use cardstock and print your own invitations. Additionally, let everyone know if you will be serving food and the type of food that will be served. Finally, include any other pertinent information you want your guest to know, including the date, time and location of the party.

Types of Coffee Parties

There are several ways to host a coffee party. For example, you could choose a specific type of coffee such as an Italian Roast or an Arabian coffee. Then, choose foods from the area. At an Italian Roast coffee party, you could serve thin Italian breadsticks coated in a chocolate hazelnut spread and sprinkled with roasted coffee beans. The sky is the limit when choosing coffees and complementary foods. You can simply serve snacks or you can serve a full meal.

The Decorations

The decorations used at your coffee party can be rustic, elegant or anything in between. If you choose a rustic theme, use unfinished wood crates to display your food and cups of coffee. For an elegant party, top your table with a black linen tablecloth and use a variety of silver platters to display your food items.

The Coffee Bar

Stock your coffee bar with a variety of syrups, such as caramel syrup, amaretto, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, sugar, stevia and cream. Make sure that you have plenty of piping hot coffee, large mugs and stir sticks so your guests can create their own masterpieces. The best coffee bars are ones that have the best coffee and everything your guests will need right at their fingertips.

After you determine it is time for a coffee party, decide on your invitations, party decorations, foods and types of coffee and  you will serve. Remember a coffee party is all about fun, communication and indulging in tons of delicious coffee and food. The steps listed above will ensure that your coffee party is enjoyed by you and each guest.

Life is always better when you are surrounded by family and friends. A coffee party is the perfect reason to gather everyone together to visit and bring you and your family closer. After all, that is what life is all about.

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How to Host the Perfect Coffee Party! - Steps to Make it Successful
Article Name
How to Host the Perfect Coffee Party! - Steps to Make it Successful
A coffee party is the new tea party.The following article will help you plan and create a successful and memorable coffee party for friends and family. Learn more.
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