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The US is the largest consumer of coffee in the world. Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee every single day. When you consider that the population of the country is growing everyday, you’ll realize how truly insane that number is. That means every American has more than one cup each day.

Hence, the number of coffee makers sold annually in the US is also pretty high. The sales of coffee and Espresso makers generate more than $668 million every year. That amounts to over 15.8 million units sold every year. That number also grows by a CAGR of 4.48%.

So it stands to reason that most Americans think about buying a new machine for their homes quite often. If you’re looking to buy the best coffee and espresso maker combo, here are our best choices.

What is the Best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo?

That’s a very ambiguous question for the uninitiated, but avid coffee drinkers know what it means. Let’s start off with the much needed basics first.


Perhaps you live in a home of coffee connoisseurs. In that case you’ll need a flexible coffee maker which can change brewing strength or whip hot chocolate or a cappuccino. The fancier ones have advanced temperature controls and insulated carafes. Others even have settings that turn the machine on and off automatically.

Brew Type

It depends on the coffee drinker favorite of course, but the best coffee and espresso maker combo machines have standard brews. These include automatic drip, grind and brew, and pod. Automatic models provide for fast coffee, but that’s not always the best.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, then you’re used to being patient for it. That’s what grind and brew models are for. They often have a built-in grinder for the added convenience. These make for better tasting coffee.


If you’re a one coffee a day person, then Keurig machines will do. However, if you have multiple coffee drinkers in your home or are a multiple cups person, Keurig machines are insufficient. Luckily, the best coffee and espresso maker combo machines brew at least 10 cups of coffee. Larger brewing machines can make up to 16 cups’ worth.

Now on to the smaller details.


A standard coffee maker may come for less than $100. However, if you want something more, then it may cost anywhere from $200-$300. Also, these combos tend to cost more than standard coffee makers as a rule.


Consider how much space you have in your kitchen. Measure the spot where you’d like to place the coffee maker. That’ll give you an idea of how big of a coffee maker you should bring home.

Now let’s take a look at two great options for coffee maker and espresso combos.

Espressione Stainless Steel Machine Espresso and Coffee Maker

Espressione Combination Stainless Steel Espresso + Coffee Maker, 10 cups



Features of the Espressione Espresso and Coffee Maker

The Espressione is a full-featured coffee maker and espresso combo machine. It’s got automated controls for the avid coffee drinker. There is a pre-brewing function which allows for more flavorful coffee. It has a 1.5-liter transparent tank with an electronic level detection to shut off brewing if it’s empty. Also, it has electronic temperature controls including a selector knob, 4 buttons, and 2 blue LED lamps.

It’s also pretty flexible when it comes to the grind. You can work with either ground coffee or easy serving espresso pods. Furthermore, the package includes a smart filter holder and 2-in-1 measuring spoon. Also included are an adjustable drip tray, a removable water reservoir, and a heatproof carafe.

The wealth of features alone makes it one of the best combo options out there.


  • Automated controls for the avid coffee drinker; lets the flavor sink in until you’re ready to drink it.
  • Can brew several types of coffee and espressos like cappuccinos, lattes, etc.
  • Includes hot water function for hot tea, and nozzle to froth milk.
  • Keeps cups warm with heating grid.
  • 19 bar pressure allows heating of coffee to higher temperature without boiling.


  • More expensive than the average combo.
  • Brews only 10 cups of coffee at once, which may be a disappointing for the most frequent of coffee drinkers.
  • Definite deal breaker for homes that have more than one avid coffee drinker.
  • Heavy, at 19.4 pounds.

De’Longhi BCO430BM All-in-One Combination Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine


De'Longhi BCO430BM All-in-One Combination Maker & Espresso Machine + Advanced Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Latte & Macchiato + Glass Coffee Pot 10-Cup



Features of the De’Longhi BCO430BM

The De’Longhi is an all-in-one when it comes to the best coffee and espresso maker combo machines. At 15 bar, it can make you a latte, an espresso, a cappuccino, you name it. This make for a very robust coffee experience.

Coffee and water reservoirs are very conveniently located in the front. Carbon filters are installed into the machine so that you have filtered water for a better brew. It also mixes a lot of steam and milk together for a richer, and creamier froth.

There is a 24-hour programmable timer included in the machine as well. Hence, those who want their coffee early in the morning or when they come home are in luck. They will have it waiting for them when they want it.


  • Lightweight at 10.25 pounds.
  • Can brew any major type of coffee.
  • Has an automatic timer which automates the coffee-making.
  • Has a carbon filter installed which gives you cleaner water to drink.
  • Cheaper pricing compared to the competition.


  • Only produces 10 cups of coffee at once. Can be a deal breaker for a home with multiple avid coffee drinkers.
  • At 15 bar pressure, can’t brew as hot cups of coffee as the competition, at 19-20 bar.
  • Lack of accessories.


The De’Longhi is more lightweight, a better value for money, and a pretty standard choice for a standard coffee drinker. With 10 cups brewed simultaneously, it’s a great choice for a single, avid coffee drinker. It’s also cheaper than the Espressione. To boot, it includes all the major bells and whistles, like automatic timers, and even a carbon filter.

The Espressione is the more full-featured of the two. It is heavier and more expensive, yes. However, it’s got more settings, more automated controls and temperature settings, and more accessories.

Depending on how crazy you are about your Java, either one can be the best coffee and espresso maker combo. It depends on their must have features and how much you’re willing to spend. Check them out now for best prices.

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