The Best Drip Coffee Maker for your Money

The Best Drip Coffee Maker for your Money
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There are many different brands of coffee making machines on the market today.

How do you decide which is the best drip coffee maker for your money? Good question, all these units have been designed to serve one purpose – of mixing hot water with ground coffee to deliver good-tasting coffee as they filter out unwanted grinds.

It’s important to note that different brands of these coffee makers come with different prices which differ depending with the features, accessories and technologies used by each one of them. You will find that some drip coffee makers combine different technologies such as programmable settings, brew strength controls, pause and serve options, self-clean cycle features and auto shut-off options to achieve more desirable results.

After an in-depth review, we have compiled some of the best drip coffee maker brands which are able to produce high-quality coffee both to small families and large companies, all of which enjoy a cup of coffee after a long day.

What determines the best drip coffee maker?

Different brands of the drip coffee makers come in different models and sizes. As some are designed to brew a single cup of coffee, there are other, bigger-sized models which are designed to brew up to 12-cups of bold coffee at a time. If you’re using this coffeemaker for your own home use, it’s better to purchase the single cup unit to save on cost and power. But if you wish to purchase a coffee maker which will serve your entire office staff or large family, it’s advisable to go for the bigger units which can brew 10-12 cups without hassle.

What makes the best drip coffee maker? This is actually one of the burning questions frequently asked by most coffee enthusiasts. More and more products have flocked in to the markets today which come with almost similar features and technologies but varying output capacities. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which make up the best drip coffee maker:

Programmable settings – one feature which makes a good drip coffeemaker are the programmable settings. With this feature, you’ll need to set the time the machine will start brewing so that you can enjoy a bold and delicious java.

Brew-strength control – also known as bold, strong or aroma, this feature slows down the water flow to brew a concentrated cup of coffee.

Self-clean cycle – this feature notifies you when to clean your coffeemaker. Some may take a considerable period of time while other may notify you periodically.

Water filter – a coffeemaker with high-quality filters is able to eliminate chlorine, odors and other contaminants from your water to give you a good-tasting coffee. These filters are, however, replaced after some time to avoid bacteria buildup.

Heating power– the best drip coffeemakers come with powerful heaters which are able to brew hot coffee at an average temperature of 195°-205°F. The dedicated double-walled thermal or glass carafe also helps to keep your coffee warm for hours.

In order to ease the process of purchasing the best drip coffee maker, we have researched and included the top five best coffee-making machines which are available on the market. Take a look at their features and pros and cons to have a better understanding.

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