Bunn MCU My Cafe Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

bunn mcu my cafe Single Cup Coffee Maker
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In many parts of the world, a cup of coffee or tea is a staple in many a breakfast spread. And it leaves marks day in and day out at home, on office desks and if you’re not careful on important notes or documents. Thankfully, we have electronic coffee makers like the BUNN Single Cup Coffee Maker to help catch up not only with our caffeine demands but also busy lifestyles.

We understand the need for the quick fix that an instant cup provides. But nothing can beat the great taste that comes from a perfectly brewed cup of joe. Let’s see how the BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi Use Coffee Brewer meets that demand.

But first, let’s get to know your coffee and the different types to choose from.

Brewed Vs. Instant

Coffee comes in three forms, instant or soluble powder, roasted beans and pre-ground.


Did you know that some of the coffee drinking nations have no idea what on earth an instant or soluble powder is? If you live in select countries where instant coffee is a curious thing, then let us introduce you to the finely powdered coffee that you conveniently spoon into a cup and mix with hot water. Its greatest selling point is convenience and affordability!

One thing though that most avid drinkers including instant coffee guzzlers may not know about powdered products is that it is dehydrated. Yes! It’s from brewed concentrated coffee that has been dried either through spray or freeze drying.

Roasted beans

Basically, the other two types emerge from roasted beans. If you want to personally grind it yourself before making yourself a beverage, then you would purchase the whole roasted bean.


For those who want to skip the grinding part, they can always purchase the pre-ground product that is packaged into different-sized packets or pods. Like roasted beans, pre-ground requires brewing.

Does Brewed Taste Better Than Instant?

Considering the one who brews the coffee is skilled at it and is using fresh, high-quality beans, then the answer is a resounding yes! But if you have someone who knows nothing about the right temperature, size, and coarseness of granules, and everything else essential to a perfectly brewed drink, then you’re better off with the instant variety.

The real advantage of brewed comes from the freshness of your main ingredient, which is coffee.

Different Ways to Brew It

Below are some of the common ways used to brew the best:

  • Pour Over Dripper Method

This device called a pour over coffee dripper uses a cone Bunn filter where you place the freshly ground coffee granules. Then run hot water over the grounds, the hot water drips through the granules and leaks the liquid to your choice of container at the bottom.

While it sounds like a simple method, it requires time, technique, and patience. Plus, you cannot prepare or serve your drink in big batches.

Taste: smooth and light
Brew time: 2.5 to 4 minutes

Check the Difference between Pour over and Drip Coffee

  • The French Press or Cafetiere Method

This coffee maker has a press with a plunger, known as a French press, is used to separate the grounds from the liquid. This device is quite common among brewed enthusiasts because it offers a fuss-free method of preparation.

Simply mix the grounds and hot water into the pot and let sit for four to eight minutes. Then press the plunger down to separate the grounds from the liquid.

Taste: rich and bold
Brew time: 4 to 8 minutes

See the Difference Between Pour Over and French Press Coffee

  • AeroPress Method

Being a relatively new invention, the AeroPress introduces pressure into the coffee extraction process. It works like a syringe only you’ll find a filter at the bottom instead of a needle. Coffee brews in hot water in the chamber with the lid or plunger on top and the paper filter basket at the bottom.

The whole setup rests on a cup to collect the liquid. The lid or plunger is opened once to remove the pressure and to give the mixture one good stir before separating the liquid from the grounds by giving the lid or plunger a push.

Taste: full-bodied and sweet
Brew time: under 2 minutes

Aeropress vs Pour Over Coffee Maker might surprise you.

What is the BUNN Single Cup Coffee Maker?

While the brew methods above are not outdated and lend a unique taste to your coffee, they are admittedly quite impractical for your day-to-day routine. For mornings perhaps, but not for busy coffee breaks!

You would need the best coffee maker that makes you brewed coffee with the same or near the speed of an instant coffee without sacrificing the taste.

The BUNN MCU My Carafe single cup coffee maker offers you exactly that.

BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi Use Coffee Brewer


Whether you like instant or brewed, this Keurig alternative makes no distinction and offers a quick and hassle-free solution to preparing your drink. With some simple steps and a click of a button, it gives you instant access to your drink in under a minute.

Additionally, this BUNN MCU model also works with both loose tea and tea bags. It comes with four interchangeable drawers so you can switch seamlessly from pods to grounds to tea to just good old 200-degree-Fahrenheit water.

You can make yourself four-ounce to 14-ounce hot beverages under the removable drip tray which also allows you to work with tall travel mugs. It also has a Pulse option that extends the contact time of the grounds with the water allowing you to enjoy a stronger drink.

  • Brews K-Cups or ground coffee
  • Uses K-Cup tea pods or bags, loose tea and more
  • Includes cup, ground coffee, pod, and hot water drawers
  • Makes 4 to 14 ounce servings
  • Removable drip tray to fit most travel mugs

How to Use It?

The Bunn single cup coffee maker really is easy to use.

1: Put your choice of tea or coffee format into the applicable drawer and shut the lid.

2: Slide the drawer into the machine and lock into place using the white button on the top handle of the drawer.

3: Open the spin lid on top and pour the amount of water you need for your drink.

The machine requires a constant 14-ounce water level in the tank. So, each time you make yourself a drink, you will have to pour in the desired amount for your particular beverage. You can put anywhere between four to 14 ounces.

4: Close the spin lid and station the cup under the removable tray. If you’re working with a tall mug, then you can remove the tray to accommodate the height of your container.

5: Push the Brew button for the machine to commence brewing. For a bolder brew, push the Pulse button first and then the Brew button. After around a minute, you’ll have your drink ready.

The drink comes out hot even when working with coarse granules, although there’s naturally some slight temperature change.

If you need hot water, this model allows you to do that with the hot water drawer. With this feature, you can even use it to prepare oatmeal and other similar food items.

Final Thoughts

This versatile, BUNN MCU My Cafe Single Cup Multi Use Coffee Brewer is the perfect multi-functional small coffee maker. It has great reviews, sells at a fair price and comes with a two-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. It’s slim design will also not take up a lot of space on your counter.

More importantly, it makes really good tasting coffee fast, whether it’s powdered or ground. What more can you ask for?

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