Coffee Brewers Easy Guide for Different Age Groups

Coffee Brewers for different age groups
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For Coffee Fanatics, a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee is essential to actively kick-start the day.

This easy guide to Coffee brewers offers the most popular types of coffee makers:

Today, most coffee lovers invest in coffee brewers rather than spending a substantial part of their income on buying the beverage from coffee shops across the street on a daily basis!

There is a wide variety of options available in the market to choose for the right coffee brewer. Ultimately, decision depends on preferences and what’s in your pocket or purse.

Here are some coffee brewers that are specifically designed to target different age groups.

Standard Coffee Maker

These are your regular coffee makers and there is nothing fancy or superior about it. It makes you a fairly decent cup of freshly brewed coffee without causing you to make a mess or fuss about it. If you are someone new to coffee, this coffee maker can be your best friend. Additionally, you do not have to monitor the brewing in the morning if you are usually on the go!

We recommend: College and university going students aged, between 18 to 28 years can opt for this coffee maker as they are more concerned with having a coffee cup in their hands rather than opting for something with deep flavor!

Single Serve Coffee Machine

This machine totally changed the way coffee is made at work. The quick, easy and convenient features have made it popular among offices and workplaces. However, there is nothing fancy about it and is good only if you are looking in saving some time.

We recommend: Office going employees aged 30 and above, looking to get back to their desks at the earliest should opt for single serving machines for coffee!

Chemex Coffee Maker

Modernity and design are two essential features that are usually associated with Chemex coffee makers. The most unique and popular feature about this kind of a coffee maker is the thick coffee filter paper used rather than standard quality ones.

It does not only bring you a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee but also adds a touch of class and beauty in your kitchenwares. As a matter of fact, James bond prefers to use the Chemex coffee maker to quench coffee addiction.

We recommend: Women and men in their 30’s looking for a rich deep flavored cup of coffee.

French Press Coffee Maker

These are one of the oldest forms of coffee brewers that date back to the 1850’s. French press is simple and quick to make. They only use a very tiny portion of your kitchen counterparts to bring you a cup of coffee that suits your taste.

You simply add your beans for pressing and add hot water and stir in a way that no cakey substance of your beans is left. The result should be a fine mixture of water and coffee grounds.

We recommend: People in their 50’s who love their coffee and have the time to wait for a few minutes to settle the mixture in a French press!

Any way you decide to make your coffee depends on many factors, but to many coffee lovers, as long as it is hot and fresh, it doesn’t matter!

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