5 Important Tips For Buying An Inexpensive Coffee Brewer!

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The one thing that truly wakes you up in the morning is the first sip of a perfect cup of coffee; nothing compares to the kick it offers.

Now, thanks to the modern, inexpensive coffee brewer that has eased our lives, it hardly takes a few minutes to have that invigorating morning drink prepared every morning.

There are so many different types, shapes, and sizes of coffee brewers available in the market that opting for one becomes an extremely complicated task.

However, if you are looking for an inexpensive coffee brewer for your home, we have just the right tips for you.

These tips will help you choose a cheap coffee maker that is also a perfect fit for your usage.

5 Tips For Buying An Inexpensive Coffee Brewer

Type of  Coffee Brewer

Modern coffee makers come in all shapes and types.

Furthermore, they are also available in different sizes. To make sure you get a brewer that is perfect for your home, you have to find a perfect blend of type and size.

When it comes to the type of coffee brewer to choose, make sure you buy a pre-ground coffee machine. The reason is that they are usually the cheapest, and can last pretty long.

You should keep in mind the type of coffee you’re going to be making as this plays an important role in your choice.

You can’t exactly buy a French press if you want a decent Cappuccino.

Size of Brewer

Then comes the size of your coffee machine. Prior to getting one, it is important to reserve a space for it so you know how much you have on your counter for it.

Often times than not, people tend to buy a large coffee machine and then come home only to find insufficient space to fit it.

In addition, large sized brewers also cost more. On the other hand, having a small one saves money, and also leaves quite a bit of space on your counter.

A cluttered kitchen countertop is not exactly attractive and tends to be inconvenient too. So make sure the coffee machine is the perfect size for your counter.


One of the most commonly neglected areas while buying a coffee maker is its water tank. Different brewers have different water holding capacities.

Therefore, while buying one, always check the water tank capacity of the brewer to make sure it is enough to cater to your entire household.

Of course, if you live alone or are a two-person household, having a large water tank wouldn’t hurt either. There are many coffee lovers who enjoy multiple cups in quick succession.


Buying an inexpensive coffee brewer does not necessarily mean it cannot be durable. In fact, some of the cheapest coffee makers often last the longest.

In order to play it safe, you can look for ones that are made of stainless steel, as they tend to be the most durable.

You could also consult with in-store sales persons, as they might know which coffee machine would last longer. The best way to know for sure, however, is to view customer reviews.

Ease of Use

Whether you are buying an inexpensive coffee brewer or an expensive one, always make sure that it is easy to use.

Keep in mind that you will be using your coffee machine for a long time, and thus, it should be easy to manoeuvre.

If the brewer looks complicated then it likely is, and not many of us like to read the instructions.

In addition to that, a very important aspect to consider is the cleaning of the coffee maker.

Some cheap coffee brewers are extremely difficult to clean, and therefore, not many people clean them properly. This in turn, lessens the life of the brewer.

Thus, choose a brewer that looks easy to operate and does not have too many detachable parts.

Taking these tips into consideration, you will surely be able to end up with a great and inexpensive coffee brewer.

In Summary

In essence, your brewer should not be too large for your kitchen counter, the water tank should be adequate to serve the entire household, and it should be long-lasting and easy to use.

A coffee maker can be an excellent household asset, as long as you choose the correct one. Not all brewers are suitable for all homes.

Make sure the one you purchase is right for you and your household.

The best way to ensure this is by doing plenty of research before hand. When searching for a coffee machine, look at multiple options from different brands.

It’s always best to compare the features and then choose the best one for your needs. Looking at expert reviews is great as well, although don’t forget the customer reviews.

Customer reviews is an excellent way to see whether a product as any defects or gives any of the users problems.

And finally, ensure that you know whether the machine uses disposable filters. This is important as disposable coffee filters will need to be replaced.

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