KRUPS Moka Brewer Coffee Maker – Passion, Precision and Perfection

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  • Legendary Moka Brew steam extraction method for the richest flavor and full-bodied coffee
  • Incomparable moka taste at the perfect temperature of 187-degree Fahrenheit
  • Large 10-cup coffee carafe; safety latch to hold the carafe in place
  • Stainless steel heating element and water tank; illuminated on/off switch
  • Permanent filter included; 850 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty. Please refer the User Manual before use.


  • Might be too slow to brew coffee for some, but our staff found the time to relax and visit more :)


No matter your preferred price point, you should be able to find a Krups coffee maker that is just right for your home or office kitchen. Krups coffee makers come with strong warranties as well. We highy recommend this brand.


KRUPS Moka Brewer Coffee Maker is the perfect brewer for those who simply love moka coffee.

KRUPS coffee makers have been built with three key attributes in mind:

Passion, Precision and Perfection. The KRUPS Moka offers an authentic and incomparable cup of coffee. This coffee maker was inspired by professionals and designed for connoisseurs and coffee lovers alike.

Its unique steam extraction process provides you with a full-bodied coffee of the richest flavor at the optimal temperature. This results in a robust yet well-rounded espresso flavor. The Moka Brew model has become legendary for this method as it results in such amazing tasting coffee!

The KRUPS KM468850 Moka Brewer provides the finest moka taste for all. One of the best features of this model is that it has a built in permanent filter.

KRUPS Moka Brewer Coffee Maker Review

Take a look at the KRUPS list of features :

  • Steam Extractions Process: this superb extraction method provides an amazing full-bodied moka coffee with the richest flavor. The taste is indescribable and the coffee is brewed at a perfect 187 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Glass Carafe: Come with a scratch-resistant 10-cup glass carafe. The size is perfect for a large household or office. The carafe is also has a safety latch to hold it in place.
  • Stainless Steel: Both the heating element and the water tank are stainless steel. This prevents rust and ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Permanent Filter: The permanent mesh filter ensures that you won’t need to stock up on replaceable paper filters, which would cost you extra.
  • One-Click Switch: The KRUPS Moka comes with a one-click on/off switch. There’s nothing complicated about it. The switch is also illuminated for convenience.


  • Steam extraction method
  • Brews at 187 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 10-cup (34 oz.) glass carafe with safety latch
  • Stainless steel heating element and water tank
  • Permanent filter
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • One-click switch
  • Compact


  • Brews slower than other coffee machines

Simple follow these 4 easy steps for a great cup of coffee:

1) fill the water tank

2) pour the coffee into the permanent filter

3) re-attach the carafe back into the unit via the 3 point locking system and

4) brew.


The KRUPS Moka Brewer Coffee Maker is one of the best on the market. It makes flavorful, full-bodied moka coffee at 187 degrees Fahrenheit.

While it does brew slower than most coffee machines, the final outcome is delicious.

The 10-cup glass carafe has a safety latch and measurements on the side. The absolute minimum amount that can be brewed is about one mug (two cups) of coffee.

This unit is compact and easy to use with a one-click illuminated switch.

It contains a permanent, stainless steel mesh filter, along with a stainless steel heating element and water tank.


Despite the slower brewing time, the KRUPS Moka far surpasses similar brewers in terms of flavor. It may be slower to brew, the result is certainly worth the extra waiting time.

Convenient and compact, the KRUPS KM468850 Moka Brewer Filter Coffee Machine guarantees a rich and flavorful coffee taste that is incomparable. This drip coffee maker is one of the best selling coffee makers out there.

The steam extraction method is one of the best coffee-making processes to-date. It also brews at a perfect 187 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a delicious brew, every time.

When you look for a coffee maker you never know really how good the brand is or if it will meet your expectations.


While their are faster coffee makers on the market, the KRUPS Moka Brewer Coffee Maker is one of the absolute best.

It is easy to use with its one-click switch and makes an entire 34 oz. carafe of perfect moka coffee. This compact unit is ideal for those who love moka and are willing to wait a bit longer for perfection.

It only takes 4 easy steps before your coffee will be brewing and when it’s done, you won’t be disappointed.

You will need to check the user manual on our to cleaning. Remember, all coffee machines need to be cleaned regularly to ensure its durability.

Also, if not cleaned regularly, the residue from previous will affect your coffee. This will very likely cause your coffee to taste terrible. Cleaning out the filter daily is especially important to ensure your coffee tastes the way that it should.

Coffee has become an essential part of many people’s lives. Many cannot function in the morning without a cup of coffee.

You don’t need to be a fan of light brews to purchase this coffee maker. The KRUPS Moka is great for all types of brews, from dark to light.

Our reviews are pulled from real reviews of customers that have purchased the actual coffee maker.

This is the best way to buy anything today as people tend to be honest with their purchase. Thank you for visiting Great Coffee Brewers today.

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