How to Make a Cappuccino With a Keurig

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A fresh cup of cappuccino on a lazy morning or in between a packed schedule is an instant energy booster. Making a cup of cappuccino is a lot of work. However, using a Keurig cappuccino maker makes your job easier and helps you make cappuccinos as good as coffee shops.  

For beginners, brewing a cup of rich, full-flavored coffee in a Keurig coffee maker can be a little challenging. So here’s a comprehensive guide on how to make a cappuccino with Keurig.

How to Set Up Your New Keurig

Before you begin brewing coffee, the first thing that you need to do is install the Keurig coffee maker. Here’s a quick installation guide for first-time users. 

1. Unbox & Clean The Water Reservoir

Once you’ve received your product, go ahead and unbox it. After that, take out the water reservoir from the appliance, clean it with soap and water, and dry it with a clean cloth. This ensures your cappuccino is prepared in a clean Keurig. However, this step doesn’t apply to the models that come with non-removable water reservoirs.  

2. Prepare The Charcoal Water Filter

The pre-packed charcoal water filter isn’t fit for direct use. You first need to prepare it to be placed in the water reservoir. You need to rinse it thoroughly and soak it in a bowl full of water. After about 10 minutes, slowly massage the charcoal filter. 

This ensures that all the loose charcoal particles are washed away instead of falling into your coffee. Again, this step doesn’t apply to models that come without a charcoal filter.  

3. Assemble The Charcoal Water Filter and The Water Reservoir

Now that everything is clean, it’s time to assemble the parts. You first need to place the charcoal water filter into the water filter holder and snap it together. After that, place the water filter into the water reservoir, and everything will fit in perfectly.  

4. Fill The Water Reservoir & Begin Preheating

After assembling the system, pour the water to the maximum limit in your water reservoir. If you have a charcoal filter, you can use regular tap water. Otherwise, it’s recommended that you only go for filtered water to avoid drinking contaminants. 

After the water has been poured, press the power button and wait for the water to preheat. Depending on your system, it can take anywhere between 20 seconds to 3 minutes. 

5. Brew The Water

Place your coffee mug in the drip tray and select the maximum brew size not exceeding the size of your mug and then press “Brew”. There’s no need to pour in coffee in this step, as the sole purpose of this process is to cleanse your Keurig cappuccino maker from within. 

It can take about 30 seconds to 3 minutes for the plain water to be brewed. Once that’s done, you can be assured that your Keurig is clean and ready to be used. 

How to Choose The Right Coffee Beans For Your Cappuccino

Along with the brewing appliance and method, the coffee beans you choose also influence the flavor of your coffee.  

For Keurig, medium grinds are perfect. If your beans are too coarse, the water will flow right through them without extracting much flavor, and if the beans are too fine, they’ll leave a residue in your coffee. 

Speaking of the roast, a medium to dark roast coffee will be perfect for your cappuccino. After all, cappuccinos are meant to be strong. If you find the flavor too strong or bitter, you can always balance it out with a bit of chocolate powder on top.

How to Make a Cappuccino With Keurig

How to Make a Cappuccino With Keurig

Now that your Keurig is ready to use, it’s time to learn how to make the perfect cup of cappuccino. Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know to make a fresh and aromatic cappuccino with your Keurig. 

What You’ll Need:

Making a cappuccino in a Keurig cappuccino maker is pretty simple. You’ll only need a few things:

  • Fresh Milk
  • Coffee beans 
  • The Keurig brewer
  • Your favorite coffee mug


Once you have all the things mentioned above, it’s time to brew the coffee.

  • Pour the cold milk into the milk frother and press the cappuccino button. You’re free to use any type of milk. Whether you prefer soy milk or almond milk, Keurig brewers work perfectly with a wide variety of milk. 
  • Brew the coffee using the cappuccino button again to ensure that you’re choosing the right size and brewing methods. 
  • Pour the frothed, steamed milk over the brewed coffee and mix it with a spoon for even distribution. 
  • You can add cinnamon or any other topping for enhanced taste, and your freshly-brewed cappuccino is ready to savor. 

How to Clean and Maintain Your Keurig

Once you’re done making your perfect cup of cappuccino, it’s important to clean and maintain your Keurig. Adequate care and maintenance will enhance the lifespan of your Keurig.

1. Clean it Thoroughly

The first step is to clean the entire appliance, starting from the drip tray and down to the water reservoir and carafes. You need to be sure that you clean everything. Your user manual will have information on the right way to clean individual units. 

2. Change The Charcoal Filter When Needed

The charcoal filter soaks up all the contaminants to ensure that you enjoy a clean cup of coffee. You need to change the water filter in your Keurig every two months or after pouring 1,000 oz of coffee, whichever happens first. 

3. Periodically Descale Your Keurig

Descaling your Keurig, especially if your house receives hard water, is essential. The calcium build-up can hamper the functionality of the appliance. You should descale the appliance every 2 to 3 months. Along with that, a lot of Keurig models provide a notification to tell you when it’s time to descale. 

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s a rough day or a splitting headache, a cup of hot cappuccino helps you through your daily struggles, especially for avid coffee fans. Ensuring that every cup is made consistently is crucial. 

With Keurig, you don’t have to worry about the taste or consistency of your coffee. Just a few steps and your steaming hot cup of rich and frothy cappuccino will be ready! We hope our guide to how to make a cappuccino with Keurig has been helpful!

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