Looking to Find The Best Tasting Coffeemaker?

The Best Tasting Coffeemaker
Coffee Lovers Guide

Trying to find the Best Tasting CoffeeMaker can be a daunting task at times. There are many different brands of these machines on the market and each one of them comes with varying sizes, uses different technology and comes with different features and options which tend to influence their prices.

These units include multi-cup coffeemakers, single serve coffeemakers, multi-use coffeemakers, Espresso machines, French presses and percolators.

Each of these units serves a particular purpose and suit a particular category of users.

For instance, single-serve coffeemakers can be used by an average coffee lover who enjoys at least one cup of bold coffee a day.

For those living in large families or those who enjoy drinking a lot of coffee during office hours can opt for the multi-cup or multi-use coffeemakers.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or someone who enjoys drinking just one cup of delicious coffee each morning, this article will guide you through various types and coffee maker reviews and their benefits and additional functions.

Multi-cup Coffeemakers

Also known as Drip Brew Coffeemakers, these units are commonly found in most houses and come with affordable prices.

Known for brewing multiple cups of coffee (mostly 8-12 cups per carafe), they are perfect for large families and offices which enjoy drinking large amounts of coffee.

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffeemaker: Programmable 12-Cup

What really elevates these Multi-cup Coffeemakers at the top of the ladder is the number of optional functions which come with each one of them.


  • Multi-shutoff feature – most of these units come with an automatic shutoff which is a safety feature.
  • Multi-function – these units are able to brew different kinds of hot beverages all at the same time.
  • Carafe size – the carafe size is able to hold multiple cups of coffee (8-12 cups) making these coffeemakers the best for large families or hardcore coffee drinkers.
  • Carafe type – most multi-cup coffeemakers use double-walled carafes due to their ability to keep liquids hot for hours.

Single Serve Coffeemakers

These machines brew one cup at a time. A single serve coffee maker is best for people who only enjoy drinking one cup of coffee a day.

Most people prefer buying these units to serve as alternatives to their multi-cup coffeemakers to avoid wasting time and energy.

Since these can brew good-tasting coffee using drip or espresso methods, buyers should ensure that they purchase the right unit which is capable of producing the type of coffee you need.


  • Strength adjuster – this helps you adjust the amount of water needed in each brewing process. This option is responsible for the strength of your coffee.
  • Temperature control – this option lets you choose the exact temperature you wish your coffee to be brewed at.

Espresso Coffee Machines

First seen in Italy in the 1800s,have now made their way to the world’s market due to their ability to brew a strong shot of coffee.

These machines work by forcing a small amount of filtered water through finely-ground coffee beans to create a concentrated cup of coffee commonly known as Espresso. These machines have currently proved to be the best for brewing Caffe lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos and Mochas.


  • Construction – most Espresso coffee machines are made of metal but there are some other models made of plastic. Metal-made machines are durable and quite expensive than the lower-end plastic models. Some other models come with rubber feet which reduces noise and vibration.
  • Usability – before choosing the best coffee machine for your kitchen, check the indicator lights, the location of the water reservoir and the dimensions to ensure that your espresso coffee machine suits your needs.

French Press Coffee Makers

Developed in the 1800s, the French coffee press is one of the oldest brewing machines which have managed to overcome the test of time. This coffee-making machine has remained relatively unchanged for so long despite all the technological advancements experienced in other brands.

These machines are portable and easy to carry, making them the best for hiking and travelling. Made of thick glass, the French coffee press steeps finely-ground coffee beans in hot water for about 4 minutes, after which the grounds are isolated to remain with the bold coffee.

What to look for when choosing the best coffeemaker

The style: choosing the best coffeemaker which complements the style and design of your kitchen is an important factor. Some customers will opt to go for the counter-top models while others will go for colored/stainless steel models.

The coffeemaker capacity: different models of coffee-making machines come with different sizes and capacities. Depending with the size of your family, you may choose to select a single-cup coffeemaker or a multi-cup coffeemaker which is able to brew 5-12 cups of coffee to cater for your guests or family.

With such an in-depth guide and information at your disposal, it’s up to you to choose the best coffee maker which will cater for your needs and give you the best-tasting coffee every day, every time.

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