Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Reviews and Comparison

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Reviews
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In this article, we share two Hamilton Beach Flexbrew reviews and make a comparison between two models; the FlexBrew single-serve and the Flexbrew 2 way coffee maker.

Unlike other reviews, we list the main features of each product to determine which will suit your needs and lifestyle best. Whether you’re looking for a reliable machine for your morning cups of coffee or something to make a full pot for your family and friends, Hamilton Beach is a great brand to consider.

Both of these coffee makers are of great quality and offer a premium cup of coffee. However, one machine is better suited for single servings whilst the other can cater to more than one person at a time.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Reviews

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FlexBrew Single Serve


Hamilton Beach 49974 FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker Compatible with Pod Packs and Grounds, Black

The first of our Hamilton Beach Flexbrew reviews focuses on their single-serve model. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution when it comes to your morning coffee, then this machine should be one of your top choices. While it may be small, it still offers plenty of variety when it comes to how you like to prepare your brew.

Not only does it allow you to brew from a K-Cup pod, but you also have the added option of using fresh ground coffee beans and brew up to 10-14 0z per serving.

The water reservoir allows for complete visibility of the waterline, so there is rarely any real possibility of over-filling the machine. Apart from the handy flexibility of brew choices, you can also choose between your brew strength.

You can also adjust the cup rest on this model to fit your favorite mug perfectly. When not in use, you can keep the pod-holder or brew basket on the rest to save space.

Furthermore, the machine is really easy to clean, which also enhances its life expectancy and ensures a fresh and flavorful cup with every use.

Main Features

  • Offers a quick and easy, quality brew for individuals who don’t need a large machine to cater to the family.
  • Provides two modes of coffee brewing using either a K-Cup or a ground basket.
  • Can brew a cup of coffee in roughly 3 minutes.
  • Choose between regular or bold brew options.


  • Inexpensive compared to other machines.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of time to brew a cup of coffee, which is perfect for a busy individual.
  • Easy to clean which helps to increase the life of the machine.


  • You won’t be able to brew a cuppa for more than one person at a time.
  • Only brews enough coffee for a regular-sized cup per use.

FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Machine

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Single Serve & Full 12c Pot, Permanent Gold-Tone Filter, Black & Silver

Second in our Hamilton Beach Flexbrew reviews is the larger combination model. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way coffee maker offers so much flexibility compared to just the average coffee-making machine.

You can brew a pot by using coffee grounds on a thermal carafe or use Keurig K-Cups on the single-serving side of the appliance. Apart from the pod functionality, the single-serving side of the machine also allows you to use grounds, just like its predecessor.

What makes this model so unique is its ability to cater to everyone’s needs at the same time. The two separate water reservoirs allow you to use both sides of the machine simultaneously. With the added programmable clock on the carafe side, you can time every brew for when you need it most.

Furthermore, the carafe side also allows you to serve up to 12 people in one go if they only have a single cup. This means that this machine will work just as well at home or in an office environment.

If you are often in a hurry or have a very active on-the-go lifestyle, the single-serve side of the machine will be very handy. It can brew a cup of your favorite java in about 3 minutes.

So, whether you prefer ground coffee or K-Cups, this 2-in-1 FlexBrew by Hamilton Beach can do both to suit your preferences.

Main Features

  • 12-cup carafe side which includes a permanent filter making it the perfect grind and brew coffee machine.
  • Single-cup brew function that can use both K-Cups or just normal grounds.
  • Separate water reservoirs for both sides of the machine.
  • Program the brewing time with the programmable clock and 2-hour keep warm cycle.


  • You get a lot of flexibility when it comes to your brewing method.
  • Compared to other machines, you get a ton of features and brewing solutions.


  • More expensive compared to other models on the market.
  • Requires considerable counter space because of its large size.

Model Comparison

As part of our reviews, we will also be comparing the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew single-serve coffee to the 2-in-1 machine by looking at the various features that both have.


When looking at the design of the FlexBrew single serve coffee machine, it is fairly obvious that it is much smaller than others on the market. The single-serve is, therefore, possibly better suited to smaller spaces like a bachelor flat where it can be used to serve one or maybe two people.

The appliance is also available in 3 color variations, is made mostly out of plastic, and only weighs 3.2 pounds. This means that it is relatively easy to take with you wherever you go.

On the other hand, the FlexBrew 2-Way machine can serve 12 people at once, which means it would be a better option for larger families, gatherings, or office buildings. In comparison to the single-serve, the 2-way coffee maker has two water reservoirs and can also be programmed to brew coffee at a certain time, making it more advanced.

Design-wise, the FlexBrew 2-in-1 coffee machine is available in 4 color variations, is also made of plastic, and is a bit on the heavier side coming in at 9.64 lbs.


When it comes to the performance side of these machines, both of them can deliver a premium quality cup of joe. However, as we can see from the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew reviews, the machines do vary in the range of options they offer clients.

Both of these appliances allow you to either brew your hot beverage with pre-packed pods or through grinding and using beans. Both also allow you to adjust and choose the strength of your brew.

However, the larger, 2-Way machine allows you to brew using the carafe or pod functionality at the same time, which the single-serve machine can’t do.

Both of these appliances can brew a cup in about 3 minutes. This means that the only true deciding factor will be the amount of coffee you need and how much you are willing to pay to get it.

When it comes to the price of both machines, the 2-Way coffee maker ranges around $100-$120. Then the single-serving machine can be bought for less than $50.

Ease of Use

The single-serve appliance is a small compact machine. As such, it has fewer functionalities, although this makes it very easy to navigate. In essence, you only have to insert a single-serve pod or your own fresh grounds in the holder, lower the machine’s lid and press brew. After brewing, the machine even shuts off automatically.

This model can fit a variety of average-sized mugs, and you can even use the adjustable cup rest to store the brew basket or the single-serve pod holder. This specific model is very easy to clean. The pod-piercing needle can be removed to easily clean both the needle and the machine.

In looking at the larger model, it offers more functionality but still gives the user a very intuitive and easy experience with every brew. The indicative buttons on the machine easily explain the use of its various functions. The carafe side of the appliance is programmable and has a 2- hour auto shut off period, which means it can warm your coffee for longer.

When it comes to cleaning the machine, a bit more effort is required. Seeing as it offers two different brewing options, you will have to clean both sides, which makes for twice the amount of work compared to the single-serve.

Which Should You Buy?

In the end, most of the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew reviews you find online are going to tell you the same thing. It all comes down to what functionalities you prefer!

Both the Hamilton Beach single-serve and the Hamilton Beach 2-Way coffee maker will make an excellent cup for you to enjoy. However, one is more suited to an on-the-go individual, while the other can serve multiple people at once.

It is also important to take the price, ease of use and overall design of both the coffee makers into consideration. If you can afford a more expensive machine and need a bigger coffee maker with more brewing options, then the 2-Way coffee maker would be a perfect choice.

If you need something relatively smaller that is easily transportable, then the single-serve machine might be a better alternative.

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