What Else Can My Coffee Maker Do

What Else Can My Coffee Maker Do
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This may come as a surprise, but a coffee maker does not only make a delicious cup of coffee for you.

It can actually do a lot of other cooking and some more interesting stuff for you. What you simply need are some ideas and the will to become creative and then the coffee maker will become one of your handiest tools lying around your house. Here is all the information you need on some of the other ways you can use a coffee maker.

Boil an Egg!

This may seem pretty impossible, but all you need to do is put some eggs in water in the coffee pot and switch it on. Depending on the kind of boiled eggs you want, they will be ready within a few short minutes. Do you know that you can even fry an egg in a coffee maker? But you will need a small frying pan for that. Put the pan in place of the coffee carafe or pot, pour in some oil, switch the coffeemaker on and you are all geared up for your sunny side up egg. Try it and see for yourself.

Melt Chocolate or Coconut Oil

Are you smiling on this? You won’t be by the time you try this recipe and see the results. Whether it is chocolate or coconut oil, put them in place of the coffee pot, switch on the machine and within minutes you will have liquid miracle in your hands. Massage your hair with the oil or dip fruits in the chocolate, the choice is completely yours!

Herbal Tea

Yes people, the coffee maker is not just for coffee lovers, it is equally beneficial fortea addicts. If you love herbal tea or normal leaf tea, you can make them both in your coffee brewer. You can make the tea exactly like you would your coffee. If you want to boil the tea, then pour the leaves or ground tea in the pot, add water and heat up. You won’t want to use the stove for your tea after this tip!

An Entire Meal!

Actually this is pretty amazing when you think about it. If you are living in a dorm room or a hostel room, then you can’t exactly have meals whenever you want, you will need something in the room for help. A coffeemaker can be a life saver in this situation as you can make entire meals like ramen noodles, grilled cheese sandwich, steamed veggies and even vegetable broths. There simply is no need to order food or beg the kitchen staff to give you some leftovers!

Hot Mulled Wine

In the mood for some festive or comfort wine? Why not make it in the coffeemaker? You can add the spices you like, some wine of your choice and heat it up for 10-15 minutes. The mulled wine will be something that all your friends and family love and which you can enjoy any time you like.

Try out all these things to see how much of an aid your coffeemaker is!

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