How To Change Keurig Water Filter Easily

how to change water filter in keurig 2.0
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The Keurig coffee machine is one of the most popular coffee makers, mostly because of their water filters and how fast it can make a great cup of coffee at the push of a button. However, it does vary as the water filters require cleaning and maintenance. Let us explain why it’s important to know how to change Keurig water filter.

Why Keurig Water Filters Help Provide Better Taste

Most Keurig machines just like the 2.0 model require a certain level of hardness when it comes to the water being used to make coffee.

Where is the Water Filer on a Keurig

Inside every Keurig water reservoir a special carbon filled water filter cartridge cleans the water to provide the special coffee shop flavor. A black cartridge holder easily pulls out to reveal the filter that needs to be replaced.

In order to keep brewing the best tasting coffee they need to be changed after a certain time period.

Benefits of Regularly Changing Water Filters

The water filter in any Keurig model does take considerable abuse, especially if the tap water in your area is not clean or is of hard-quality. But why should you know how to change the water filter in Keurig 2.0?

The answer comes in the form of two important bullet points.

  • Maintains a Consistent Taste Quality

Coffee is about 95% water which means that the water component plays a huge part in creating the flavor profile of each cup.

One way to ensure that you get the best-tasting coffee in each cup is to regularly clean the water filters and change the water filter cartridge after a couple of months.

  • Extends Equipment Life

Since the Keurig coffee maker models rely on filtered water to run efficiently, it can be assumed that the filtered water also maintains the acidity that runs through the “wet” parts of the coffee maker.

Having a regularly cleaned and maintained water filter, therefore, extends the life of the equipment as filtered water prevents rust and other organic material from forming around the valves and tubes of the machine.

How Often Should You Clean the Machine and Change a Keurig Water Filter


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While learning how to change the Keurig water filter cartridge is an important task, it is equally important to know how frequently should you clean the entire Keurig coffee machine. This also would be the perfect time to change the water filter cartridge.

1. After Every Use

Throw away any leftover coffee from the previous day and never drink it. This coffee is no longer fit for drinking and would most likely have a bitter aftertaste. Once you’ve thrown away the coffee inside the carafe, hand wash the carafe with a mild detergent for about 30 seconds.

Do not use a dishwasher when cleaning the carafe as it would not always get the dirt and any leftovers from the inside.

Once you’ve scrubbed the interior with a soft sponge and mild detergent, rinse it thoroughly and check for anything that you might not have caught.

Keeping your carafe clean lets it be germ-free and your coffee would not taste stale and dirty. The aroma and taste of the previous days’ coffee are removed as well, letting you enjoy a fresh brew every time.

2. After a Few Days

Every few days or so, check the K-cup holder for leftover grounds, remove them with a soft sponge to prevent them from mixing with fresh ones.

These grounds can also cause a build-up in the needle which can lead to problems brewing as the entry and exit points are clogged.

To clean the ingress and egress points, use a paperclip to clear away any debris and rinse the needle.

3. After Two Weeks

Regularly clean your Keurig 2.0 to prolong its life. Take out the removable piece of the tray and K-cup holder. Using a soft sponge and mild detergent, gently wash these parts and rinse.

Let them sit to dry, or wipe them with a soft cloth, then wash the reservoir.

For the water reservoir and the other non-moveable components, remove the water filter cartridge and wipe all surfaces with a cloth soaked in soap and then rinse with water.

Let it dry without wiping with a cloth as there would be a possibility of leaving lint which can go to your next batch of coffee. Nobody wants lint in their coffee!

As a finishing touch, wipe everything in the exterior with a wet sponge and dry with a soft cloth.

4. After Two Months

The water filter cartridge of any Keurig model needs to be replaced after two months. This is to make sure that the filters are still intact and are still able to filter out the sediments and other minerals usually found in water.

5. After Two to Four Months

Minerals do build up on any machine that uses water, regardless if its tap or not, and the process is very much like how caves are formed.

These minerals stay inside the machine and can build up after a while. The minerals can affect the taste of coffee, and it can cause rust to occur, thereby damaging your machine.

Descaling is the process of removing these minerals, and it is not as challenging as it sounds. To descale your Keurig machine, fill the water reservoir with 10 ounces of white vinegar or Keurig’s patented descaling solution.

Turn the machine on and start the brewing process without inserting a coffee pod.

Place a mug to catch whatever flows out of the needle and dispose of every single ounce of them. Do this process until the liquid inside the reservoir runs out and repeat everything a second time, this time using fresh water.

You may repeat the process a third time especially if you can still smell the sourness of vinegar from the water that came out the second time. Wipe everything down with a soft cloth and refill the tank again.

Easy Steps on How to Change Keurig Water Filter

The frequency of changing the charcoal water filter is not strictly two months; it can be less than that especially if you’ve already done 60 tank refills.

Here is how you can change the replacement filters for Keurig:

  1. Unplug the machine and remove the filter holder from the reservoir.
  2. Take the new charcoal water filter and soak it in water for about five minutes.
  3. Open the cartridge holder and discard the old filter.
  4. Rinse the mesh on the lower filter holder.
  5. Rinse the new water filter in running water for about one minute.
  6. Place the new water filter in the filter holder.
  7. Close the lower filter holder.
  8. Set a date for two months in the future.
  9. Replace the filter holder in the reservoir and push it down into place.

Some Parting Words

Operating a clean coffee maker not only improves the flavor, but it also ensures that nothing harmful would get mixed in with your favorite cup.

Knowing how to clean each part and how to change the Keurig water filter in your brewer is important.

Just like any frequently operated machine, maintaining your Keurig would result in a consistent flavor and it also prolongs the lifespan of your Keurig. It would be a good idea to have extra water filters on hand to assure your machine consistently makes the perfect cup of coffee.

As a final word, make sure that the machine is unplugged before doing anything to prevent any possible injuries.

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