Coffee Urn: Best Uses and Product Reviews

Coffee Urn Best Uses and Product Reviews
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Dear reader, you may have stumbled across this article and now find yourself stumped with the confusing question: What is a coffee urn used for?

To answer, we would like you to think back to those occasions when large gatherings of people came together. You know, the functions with people milling about, dressed to their best, tables lined with food and a looming silver appliance spouting steam at one end of the room.

That steaming object you saw was most likely a coffee urn. Whilst somewhat similar to a coffee maker, it functions on a much larger scale to allow you to have coffee for group functions and large gatherings without the worry of not having enough for everyone.

Best Uses for Coffee Urns

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly approach to satisfy your craving and be useful for parties, this urn appliance fulfills just that role. All the while making it just as tasty and fresh, you can avoid the hassle of re-filling the kettle each time you have a number of people over.

Should you own one of these appliances, you can have a coffee party at home, in the office, or even in a restaurant. If you haven’t realized the benefit of hot drinks quite yet, The Guardian has some information as to how to get on board this train. And if you’ve ever met a coffee connoisseur, you may find that they have much to say on the subject, eliminating any worry over awkward lapses in conversation over the coffee station. Common interests are a great way to bring strangers together.

3 Best Coffee Urn Machine Reviews

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Hamilton Beach 40-Cup 40540 Brew Station


Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver,Medium

Introducing the Hamilton Beach coffee urn, a beautifully designed appliance. Aesthetically pleasing with its metal exterior and black trimming, this product offers an easy to fill, quick brew. And if you find yourself the appointed cleaner, you’ll have a relaxed job of it. Just remove the filter basket and pop the appliance into the dishwasher.

The consequences of not thinking ahead may emerge upon standing before this appliance, an empty cup in one hand, a plate of treats in the other and no nearby surface on which to offload anything. Filled with an immense desire for your cuppa Joe, you’ll realize pretty soon that something has to give. This electric coffee brewer, however, allows for single hand dispensing so you can just lean your cup against the dispensing bar and voila – out it pours!

The single hand dispenser also reduces the time and crowding spent as people wait for their turn, simplifying the whole process.

Able to serve up to 40 cups in one go, there is no need to constantly run back and forth to boil the kettle. You can relax and let this Hamilton Beach model do all the hard work. This leaves you free to roam about from person to person, making your job as host considerably more enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, taking a sip of lukewarm java is the equivalent to a sip of disappointment. This item prevents such disaster through its gentle, dual-heater to maintain an optimal temperature and preserve taste without overheating.

Although the Hamilton Beach coffee urn does not come with a drip tray, you can simply add this onto your purchase. The 5-year warranty will come as a source of assurance for any hesitant purchasers. Additionally, for those that find themselves easily intimidated by new appliances, fear not. Amazon offers a great feature in the form of tech support for 90 days after purchase.

What We Like

  • 5-year warranty
  • Quick brew
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Serves up to 40 cups
  • Dual heater system keeps the temperature consistent and fresh for hours
  • Insulated tank
  • One-hand dispenser

Minor Drawbacks

  • Noisy brew
  • Doesn’t come with drip tray
  • Not suited to Styrofoam cups


Focus Foodservice 100-Cup FCMCS100 Crown Select


Focus Foodservice Crown Select 100-Cup Maker 100 Cup Coffee Urn, Large, Multiple

After several hours of sitting through back-to-back presentations and an on-going struggle to keep your eyes open, the sweet release of steaming brewed coffee is a welcome end to the day. Recommended as a commercial drip coffee maker, you can use the Focus Foodservice crown select for business meetings or even as a restaurant style coffee pot.

If you’re looking to host a large number of people, this is the right appliance for you! You won’t even have to feel shy going back for more since this large 100 cup machine serves so much. Furnished with a stainless steel exterior, this sleek appliance is polished to the point where you could doubly use it as a quick mirror to check for any lingering spinach in your teeth.

Engineered to offer you a fast prep time, a red light signals a ready to serve brew. Besides this, the Focus Foodservice coffee urn also has an automatic keep-warm thermostat and internal heating feature.

Following the end of a talk that sees many people of varying tastes spilling out of an auditorium, catering to them all is no easy feat. Another fun feature of this machine is its multipurpose nature that means it can also make tea and other beverages.

If you are the designated hot beverage provider, the locking lid and cool-touch side handles make transportation more convenient. Additionally, you need not be concerned about spending large amounts of time scrubbing this stainless steel coffee maker out at the end of an event. With easily removable interior parts, this machine is also dishwasher safe.

What We Like

  • Able to hold 14.9 liters to fill 100 cups
  • Hands-free refill
  • Indicator light lets you know when your brew is ready
  • Safe to transport as the side-handles are cool
  • Automatic warm-setting thermostat
  • Remove the stem and basket to wash
  • Stainless steel and dishwasher safe

Minor Drawback

  • Might be expensive for smaller businesses or restaurants

West Bend 42-Cup 58002 Commercial Coffee Urn

West Bend 58002 Highly Polished Aluminum Commercial Coffee Urn Features Automatic Temperature Control Large Capacity with Quick Brewing Easy Prep and Clean Up, 42-Cup, Silver

This type is not only be reserved for commercial use. Show your friends how seriously you take your brew by buying a home large coffee maker such as this West Bend Commercial Urn. Specially crafted for the more organized planners of social events, the automatic temperature control feature keeps its contents warm for hours. As such, you can finish off the beverage preparation in the morning and spend the rest of the day sorting out all the other arrangements.

Should you decide to buy this commercial coffee maker for home use, you may be curious about the creative possibilities this begins to open up. Able to produce up to 42 beverages, you could find yourself feeling a tad more experimental with your brew. Why not try out various ways to make your coffee more interesting to wow your future guests? If you get the first one wrong, you still have 41 attempts left.

Equipped with large coffee maker filters, these machines make it easy to empty the basket so you can avoid the trouble of having to buy filter paper. This machine also serves a dual purpose, being able to deliver hot water for tea or other warm drinks.

A major plus of the West Bend is the little effort required to use it, all the while still maintaining a fresh cup for you to appreciate. Once everyone has left, you can simply detach the two-foot cord and store your appliance away.

West Bend is a brand that has been in existence for over one hundred years. If credibility is everything to you, how does a century’s worth of production sound? With years of experience and a 1-year warranty, there’s every reason to be at peace with your buy.

This West Bend coffee urn has been given NSF certification. This highly esteemed label is not given lightly and requires consistent maintenance on the part of the manufacturers. It’s rather comforting to know that your purchase manufacturer is constantly being kept on their toes to bring you quality results.

What We Like

  • Makes 42 cups
  • 1-year warranty
  • Ready light
  • Easy to clean-just remove the rounds and stem
  • Quick brew-1 cup per minute
  • Automatic temp control
  • Heat-resistant base and trim
  • Does not need filter paper
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • NSF certified
  • Easy to operate with a two-way spigot and secure lid

Minor Drawback

  • Hot exterior

Final Thoughts on purchasing a Coffee Urn

It wouldn’t be too difficult to overdo your caffeine limit with so much available courtesy of a coffee urn in your home of office. Fortunately, to balance things out, the West Bend and Focus can brew tea as well for the lower dose enthusiasts. Ah, the novelty of choice!

Both the West Bend and Hamilton offer a value-for-money coffee urn, providing you with a seemingly endless supply of the delicious brew. Conversely, the Focus gives you more than double this amount for bigger groups, all the while also offering a food service function.

Last but not least, the best part of these products is the cleaning ease that goes along with them. With all the exciting additional features, caffeine lovers will have a blast, keeping warm and content all day.

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