Using a Burr Grinder for the Best Tasting Coffee

Using a Burr Grinder for the Best Tasting Coffee
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Most coffee fans know that grinding beans at home makes for a better, more flavorful cup of coffee than using pre-ground beans.

The science is simple – ground beans start to go stale and lose flavor quickly. Even whole beans do this to an extent, but by grinding them shortly before use you can increase the surface area of the bean and will have a much better cup of coffee.

So if you’re ready to start grinding beans at home then read on for information about how a burr grinder works and some reviews.

When choosing a burr grinder you first need to decide between a high speed direct grinder or a lower speed grinder. While both will get the job done, the lower speed one will result in a better grind, although they are loud.

Make sure you pick a burr grinder that has adjustable grind sizes so that you can really personalize your cup of coffee. One without a built-in doser, where beans sit before being ground, will also help you keep your beans fresher longer, as you’ll put them into the grinder as you want to use them.

Finding the Best Burr Grinder

There are a few burr grinders on the market that are hands down, amazing. The problem with a great burr grinder is that they are expensive. Rancilio, for example, makes an amazing burr grinder that will not only meet your expectations, but far exceed them.


The Rancilio is a commercial grade burr grinder that most home coffee lovers would love to have in their kitchen. It’s high speed motor means that it’s quieter than a lot of its competitors, and features a simple and easy to use grind size adjustment. It’s perfect for grinding fine grounds like espresso or coarser ones, depending on your personal preference. It does have a hopper, which normally means that users will fill it up and let their beans become stale, but since it’s tinted, it does a great job at keeping the beans fresh.

This feature is amazing and one that other mill grinders would be wise to adopt, as it makes it simple for users to not have to worry bout the freshness of their beans. At almost 15.5 pounds, it’s heavy enough that it won’t move on your counter due to the grinding action, but still can be lifted and moved around by most people.

The Rancilio coffee grinder comes factory-tested, so you have the peace of mind knowing that it already works perfectly. It’s easy to clean and to use, and if you want to grind a large amount of coffee you can do almost 8 pounds an hour. No matter how much coffee you drink, you’ll find that you’ve never had a cup like one from beans ground in the Rancilio.

The flavor is fresh and full. You may even have to use fewer grounds than before! A burr grinder would make a great gift for a loved one, or even for yourself!

Anyone who enjoys a great cup of coffee would love the ease, utility, and appearance of this burr coffee grinder.

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Using a Burr Grinder for the Best Tasting Coffee
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Using a Burr Grinder for the Best Tasting Coffee
When choosing a burr grinder you first need to decide between a low or high speed direct grinder. Find out which is best and how to choose one. Visit now.
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